Takanori Gomi & David Baron

Pride Fighting Championships: It's been a while. How did it feel to fight in the PRIDE ring again?
Gomi: It felt good. April didn't leave a very good impression, after all.
Pride: Are you satisfied with how the fight went?
Gomi: I wasn't in the right mental state for mixed martial arts in April. When you lose once, you suddenly lose your confidence.
Pride: You said that you lost confidence. Were you nervous before this fight?
Gomi: I realized that it's important to take everything one step at a time.
Pride: Were you nervous before this fight?
Gomi: I got rid of my nervousness. It's important to keep repeating the basics.
Pride: Who was your second?
Gomi: My main corner man was Suzuki from Mushinjuku. He was really calling out to me and he was really watching out for me. I wish he would become a fighter himself.
Pride: Why did you fight standing up the entire time?
Gomi: I knew he would want to take me down and I thought it I might get into trouble if I was on top so I just dropped my hips and went in as a southpaw.
Pride: There is talk of your next fight being a title match.
Gomi: That's fine. I will be able to train well.
Pride: What about your possible opponents?
Gomi: Anybody is fine.
Pride: Before the fight, you said that you would challenge anyone that wants to fight to get in the ring. You didn't say it after you won, though.
Gomi: The Welterweights were better than the Lightweights this time. It fluctuates.
Pride: There was talk of you fighting in Las Vegas if you won this fight easily.
Gomi: For the moment, I'll just enjoy the evening in Nagoya and go home. If the fighter himself doesn't want to fight, it's useless after all. I'm glad I was able to show the fans some explosive power, though.
Pride: Do you feel like BUSHIDO's ace again?
Gomi: The fighters were nervous and compared to the last event, the atmosphere at the venue was intense.
Pride: What do you think about Obiya's loss?
Gomi: He tired to fight the way he wanted but he'll probably be able to get revenge once he gets more experience. Being able to come to BUSHIDO so quickly is amazing, anyway.

Pride: What was it like fighting Gomi?
Baron: It was tough. He's really good at submissions... I'm a fireman so I wanted to put out the fireball boy's flames, but I lost.
Pride: What did the most damage?
Baron: There was a lot of damage from all of the attacks but the one that hurt the most was the throw. I felt like I was going to pass out.
Pride: Was there any pressure from being in PRIDE?
Baron: I was nervous before the fight. The day before I knew there was nothing left to do but fight, though.
Pride: You said that his strikes were strong. Specifically, what about them were strong?
Baron: I took several of his punches in the face that were strong.
Pride: Who was stronger, the Gomi that you imagined or the one that you actually fought?
Baron: My impression of him hasn't changed. I wanted to get him to the ground somehow but he wouldn't let me do it.
Pride: Any final comments?
Baron: What I want everyone to know is that mixed martial arts is not big in France and it's difficult to do. We don't have an (training/competitive) environment like Japan. There are a lot of strong fighters in France, though, so please support us.