Ikuhisa Minowa

Pride Fighting Championships: How did it feel to look across at such a really big opponent?
Minowa: It felt like 'this is real pro-wrestling!' I came one step closer to my perfect pro-wrestling world. The feeling during the stare down was incredible.
Pride: Has the Open Weight Grand Prix come within range now?
Minowa: Since I lost last year, I don't know how PRIDE views me now but I would like to enter the Open Weight Grand Prix.
Pride: How was your theme of Spring Heaven?
Minowa: It was Spring Heaven but I think the people around me and the fans have broken through.
Pride: When did you think of rolling forward to grab his leg?
Minowa: That's a secret.
Pride: Is there a name for that technique?
Minowa: Zenten Tackle ("front roll tackle" in English). I wanted to call it the cooler name of "super tackle" but then I thought that using Japanese would be cooler, so I went with "zenten tackle."
Pride: Before the fight you said that you couldn't talk about your strategy. Did the fight go according to that strategy?
Minowa: I can't say. Pro-wrestlers can't discuss their secret information. I'm an entertainer, so I'm not really going after strategies.
Pride: Who would you like to fight in the Open Weight Grand Prix?
Minowa: There are too many good fighters to say. I want the Open Weight Championships belt.
Pride: Were you able to get rid of the bad memories that you had at Ariake Coliseum?
Minowa: Yes. It was sunny in the morning but then it started raining and I didn't like that. I started thinking about the past and my jinx but then I thought that no matter what happened in the past, there is only now. Today, there is nothing but today and no one but myself, so I decided to change my jinx.
Pride: There was a lot of thunder during your fight.
Minowa: It was great. It was the same with Tamura. I was happy that we could bring down thunder.
Pride: You went to Italy and Korea before this fight? Do you have any plans to go somewhere before the Open Weight Grand Prix? Any candidate locations?
Minowa: Yes, I'd like to go if I have time and the timing works out. I don't know where I will end up, though.
Pride: What kind of Heaven do you want to show (in the Open Weight Grand Prix)?
Minowa: I've decided on my theme. It's a Heavenly Revolution. I want create a revolution in the Open Weight Division. I don't know if I can pull it off but that's how I feel.
Pride: Are there any pro-wrestlers that you'd like to fight?
Minowa: There are too many.
Pride: Did you expect a fight like Inoki VS Ali?
Minowa: I thought about it, like Andre and Maeda. I studied their methods of going for submissions from the ground. There are people that have won in that kind of fight so it gave me confidence.