Joachim Hansen & Luiz Azeredo

Pride Fighting Championships: Were you injured?
Hansen: I hurt my knee and my head hurts a little.
Pride: Did you hurt you knee on his teeth at the end of the fight?
Hansen: Probably. I think the injury happened when I got the KO. They've already looked at it so it will be fine.
Pride: Would you like to get revenge against Kawajiri?
Hansen: Of course.
Pride: It was thought that this fight would determine which of the two of you should be the contender and take on Gomi. What do you think now that you've won the fight?
Hansen: I want to beat Gomi no matter what, so I think this fight was an important fight.
Pride: What do you think of today's fight?
Hansen: It was a tough fight. I won, so I think it was a good fight.
Pride: Did you intend to knee him in the face at the end of your fight?
Hansen: I practice knees of course but I didn't expect the knee to hit.
Pride: Azeredo was throwing punches on the ground but your body language was like "bring it on."
Hansen: He hit me a few times but I didn't think it was a problem.
Pride: Was it difficult to beat Azeredo with your current height and weight?
Hansen: I was 71.5kg before but I dropped to 71kg for this fight.

Pride: What did you think of the fight?
Azeredo: It was a very good fight. We had good punching exchanges and I think I worked well on the ground, too.
Pride: What is your impression of Hansen?
Azeredo: I think he's an excellent fighter. I want to keep fighting strong fighters in the future. My striking and groundwork were good but I was careless and the knee hit me. I will overcome it.
Pride: Although you said you were careless, you were guarding yourself when he knee came.
Azeredo: I thought a punch was coming but he threw a knee.
Pride: What did you think of your fight?
Rua: Unfortunately, I wasn't strong enough. I will come back after I return to Brazil and train hard again.
Pride: Why do you think you couldn't control the fight?
Rua: Because my opponent stalled on the ground. I wasn't able to use my own strengths and this is something else that I will have to overcome.
Pride: Did your weight-loss affect the fight?
Rua: I don't think so. My opponent was just skilled on the ground. I want to train striking, standing and ground fighting hard when I go back to Brazil.
Pride: Will you continue to fight at Welterweight?
Rua: That's my intention.