Jens Pulver & Kenji Arai

Pride Fighting Championships: That was quite the exchange of striking. Did you get any damage?
Pulver: No damage at all. I feel good.
Pride: What was your impression of Arai?
Pulver: His punches were very fast and since he's left-handed, I had to keep putting pressure on him so he wouldn't kick me. I thought that his striking techniques were very good.
Pride: As the press conference the other day, you said that you increased your weight and increased your power. How did that affect your speed?
Pulver: I increased my weight and became stronger but my speed did suffer a little. I trained with Imanari's ground techniques in mind. Now I'd like to train in boxing again and regain my speed.
Pride: How does it feel to return to PRIDE?
Pulver: I'm happy that I can compete in Japan again. I'm happy that I can fight. I spent a lot of time treating my eye last time. I was striking with him because that's what I thought he wanted but I would like to show everyone a more balanced fight.
Pride: Is there any fighter in particular that you would like to fight?
Pulver: Anyone would be fine. I'd like to fight the Champion for the title. I'd like to fight more raise my level so I can do that.

Pride: How is your injury now?
Arai: My nose is broken and you can see the bone.
Pride: Was your strategy to trade strikes and go for a KO?
Arai: Yes. That's what I like to do and I decided on it as soon as the match was made.
Pride: How did it feel after actually trading strikes with him?
Arai: It felt good but I think that I need to become faster and have more snap in my strikes to be competitive.
Pride: Where you confident that you would win this fight?
Arai: I thought that if I lose, I lose, so I should make this a step to the next level. I lose and then grow, lose and then grow, so I didn't want this to be just a loss. I wanted it to be a fight that leads to the next level.
Pride: Your opponent is a world-famous fighter. Was it tough?
Arai: I don't know if you would call it tough but it hurt. I wasn't overconfident but I was confident in my training, so I will continue training, become stronger and aim for the number one spot.