Sergei Kharitonov

Pride Fighting Championships: (Kharitonov was not present due to medical treatment. His corner man responded to questions in his place.)
Pride: How is Kharitonov now?
Corner: I can't say anything for certain. We won't know until we take x-rays but it's really bad. He can't raise his arm.
Pride: When did he become injured in the fight?
Corner: It was during the 1st minute. It seemed like he fell on his right shoulder when they first clinched. We asked him if he wanted to give up but he apparently didn't want to because he trained so hard.
Pride: Was the injury in the same place that he injured in the previous fight?
Corner: No. He hurt the other shoulder.
Pride: Was the reason he was unable to escape from under Alistair because of the injury?
Corner: That's exactly right. He wasn't able to do anything because of that accident. Alistair is a good fighter and Kharitonov trained for him. I believe 150% that if this accident hadn't happened, Kharitonov would have won.
Pride: Was there any comment from Kharitonov?
Corner: He trained and was confident that he would win so he still doesn't know what to say. I don't know when he will return but he has a warrior's heart and he will be back.
Pride: His face was covered in blood from being kneed in the face on the ground. Were there any affects from that?
Corner: It wasn't that bad. If he hadn't been hurt, he probably could have escaped from the knees and the grappling.