Tsuyoshi Kosaka

Pride Fighting Championships: That was an amazing KO.
Tsuyoshi Kosaka: Thank you.
Pride: Was that last right punch on the temple?
Kosaka: I think it probably was. That's not something you can train for. You can do it if you practice boxing for many years so I just did it with feeling.
Pride: You fell backwards after Sperry punched you in the beginning. Were you conscious?
Kosaka: I almost went unconscious for a second. I was fighting with a strong spirit. I think that was my way of fighting. I wanted to fight as long as my body would keep moving.
Pride: Before the match, you said this would be a fight with yourself. Did you win that fight?
Kosaka: Yes. I wanted to keep moving forward and attacking, even if I got hit a few times.
Pride: After the fight you said you'd retire if you won the Open Weight Grand Prix. Was that true?
Kosaka: I've made up my mind. I made up my mind before today's fight. I took a good look at myself about the Pancrase in October of last year and I felt angry. I thought that it would be better if I quit. I felt like I wanted to give it just one more try.
Pride: When did you begin to feel that way?
Kosaka: Last year. That's why I returned my (Pancrase Championship) belt. I returned the belt because someone that is going to quit shouldn't have a belt.
Pride: And amid all that, a new life has been born.
Kosaka: It might just be coincidence but the date (for the birth of my child) had already been planned. It was destiny and I was scared. It gave me strength.
Pride: Is that why you want to fight in the Open Weight Grand Prix?
Kosaka: I'm not thinking of anything but winning. I want to go back to my roots to become make myself stronger and become the best.
Pride: Was your child born this morning?
Kosaka: Not yet. I asked it to wait. I will be at the delivery tomorrow.
Pride: Who would you like to fight in the Grand Prix?
Kosaka: If possible, I'd like to fight Fedor.
Pride: You might have to fight some of your training partners, including Yoshida, on the way up the ladder.
Kosaka: I don't want to fight my friends but there's nothing I can do about it. If it were a tournament, I'd rather do it in the Final Round, though.