Yoon Dong Sik

Pride Fighting Championships: You took a lot of hits. Any damage?
Yoon Dong Sik: They were on the side, not down the middle, so it doesn't hurt much.
Pride: You never gave up, even when you were in a bad position.
Yoon: I really wanted to win so I never gave up.
Pride: We you able to use what you learned at Takada Dojo?
Yoon: It was very good.
Pride: What was?
Yoon: It good overall.
Pride: What was Sakuraba's advice?
Yoon: Saving my strength and since this is just my 3rd fight and I don't have much experience, he gave me advice regarding that.
Pride: Please tell us a little about your month of training in America and a word to the fans.
Yoon: America was really great. I think my overall level improved at Matt Hume's gym. I didn't win but I know that I have improved so please cheer for me.
Pride: What will you do now?
Yoon: I want to go to America and train again.