Quinton Jackson

Pride Fighting Championships: You hit Yoon many times but he seemed tough. What were thinking?
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: I wondered why the referee didn't stop the fight. Yoon is tough.
Pride: Did you think it would go to the decision?
Jackson: I didn't think it would go to the decision. I underestimated my opponent. I like him. I didn't know he was training with Sakuraba and I'm really impressed.
Pride: In an interview on Sherdog, you said that wrestling is stronger than judo.
Jackson: Listen more closely to the interview. I said that if there were two fighters that had been doing wrestling and judo all their lives, and were real good, the wrestler would win. Compared to someone like Mark Coleman, I may not be good at wrestling. I'm just good at defending takedowns. I knew he was a judo fighter and I still got a takedown, though. I think he's a good fighter.
Pride: He got mount position and almost arm-barred you.
Jackson: We both got takedowns and I thought it was more of a wrestling takedown than a judo takedown. I knew that I wasn't in danger with the arm bar. I was getting tired from hitting him and I knew that I could get it out. I think that moment was exciting to the fans.
Pride: Are you interested in the Open Weight Grand Prix this year?
Jackson: I'm not interested in tournaments this year. The reason is that you need luck in tournaments and I don't have any. This is the last fight in my contract and I wanted to give a good fight since I like the Japanese fans. You can to fight twice in one night in a tournament and I'm not good at gambling. If I had good luck, I'd want to do something else. And, I like to do body slams. I want to throw them out of the ring and I don't like that I can't do that to Heavyweight fighters.
Pride: Will you have one-match contracts from now on?
Jackson: Please ask my manager or PRIDE. MMA is popular in America too and as a black man, I want the freedom that the other fighters around me have. PRIDE is on free TV in Japan and it's difficult to get sponsors because I'm a foreigner. I can't keep fighting forever and I have a kid now so I have to think about how I will support us in the future. I really like that the Japanese fans respect us, regardless of whether we win or lose, though.