Mark Hunt

Pride Fighting Championships: Any damage?
Mark Hunt: Some small injuries but nothing big.
Pride: Where?
Hunt: I got some injuries from training. I've got some small injuries in my ribs and arm.
Pride: What do you think about Nishijima's punches?
Hunt: His punches were strong. His heart was even stronger.
Pride: Why do you think his heart was strong?
Hunt: Because he fought straight up, without running away.
Pride: Was that knee-drop your secret weapon?
Hunt: Not really.
Pride: Spur of the moment kind of thing?
Hunt: I just thought of it.
Pride: You tried to for an arm-bar.
Hunt: I tried several times but I wasn't able to get it.
Pride: Did you learn joint-locks when you were training in jujitsu with Einemo?
Hunt: I learned the kimura lock.
Pride: Why did you start striking midway even though you've been learning joint-locks?
Hunt: I was confident in my boxing so I thought I'd try to change it up.
Pride: Did it feel good to fight someone in his PRIDE debut?
Hunt: I just wanted to fight. I wasn't thinking of that.
Pride: How do Nishimura's strikes compare to those of Silva and Mirko?
Hunt: I think he's a good fighter compared to those two.
Pride: Any expectations for the Open Weight Grand Prix?
Hunt: I definitely want to fight in the Grand Prix? If I'm going to fight, I want to win.
Pride: Who do you want to fight?
Hunt: Everyone in the Grand Prix will be a strong fighter so anybody will be fine.
Pride: Nishijima hit you with several lefts. Did any hurt you?
Hunt: My hands hurt more than my head or my body.
Pride: Do your hands hurt from being hit?
Hunt: They hurt from me hitting him.
Pride: How does he compare to K-1 fighters?
Hunt: I think he's a good fighter compared to K-1 fighters.
Pride: Who would you compare him to specifically?
Hunt: There are many strikers in the world so I can't decide on one.
Pride: Nishijima's punches didn't hurt?
Hunt: No, they didn't hurt.
Pride: Will you continue to train with Einemo?
Hunt: Yes. I'd like to get some fighters to come to my country to train. I don't have a team so I think it would be good if I made my own team.