Mark Coleman

Pride Fighting Championships: The fight ended by an accident. Did you know that when you were in the ring?
Mark Coleman: It was the heat of the moment. Everyone was holding me, and it became like a war. I'm the Grand Prix Champion. I'm Mark Coleman!
Pride: How do you feel about beating the Middleweight (Grand Prix) Champion?
Coleman: It feels great to win. I took him down. I did it. It wasn't an accident. I'm proud of that. Everyone who says I'm the challenger is wrong. I want to say thank you to the few people that bet on me to win. It's too bad for those that bet on me to lose.
Pride: This fight was a challenge match for the Open Weight Grand Prix tournament. Do you think it's impossible for small fighters to take on big fighters?
Coleman: I'm the toughest fighter in the world. If I'm in shape, I will not lose. I will train hard and build my confidence. I'm a man that fights. You're not going to break me.
Pride: What happened with Chute Boxe after the fight?
Coleman: The fight proved it. Make no mistake. Today the little man beat the big man. I guess I was stronger. Those things happen. It happens in the excitement. I'm not worried about it. I have to keep going forward. I would like to train with Chute Boxe. I will start training again on Monday at the earliest. I want to train, not sit on the sofa and get fat. Shogun is a member of the Chute Boxe family just like Phil (Baroni) sitting here next to me and my dad are family. I got in the ring as a professional fighter, not to get into a street fight. I hope I can get back on good terms with Chute Boxe after we get back to the hotel. This fight was over very quickly so it was fun for me. I did it. I've gotten older in years but I'm not old and I can still fight. Even if my hair gets thinner, I'm still improving myself as a fighter. I'm not like those guys that sit at their desks working and playing on the internet. I don't care about the people that hate me and I want to tell my fans that I love them.