Kazuhiro Nakamura

Pride Fighting Championships: How was it fighting in an Open Weight match?
Nakamura: He was really heavy.
Pride: What do you think caused your loss?
Nakamura: I think it's because of my mental weakness.
Pride: Was the ankle lock on tight?
Nakamura: It really, really hurt and I thought I was in trouble but in the end, it was fine.
Pride: How were you able to bear it?
Nakamura: It would have been embarrassing if I had tapped out there.
Pride: Right at the end, when you were being choked, you seemed unconscious when you were tapping.
Nakamura: I was unconscious. It's been a long time since I've been choked out.
Pride: Were you conscious during the choke?
Nakamura: No.
Pride: You seemed to be able to get a takedown with the osotogari throw.
Nakamura: Yes, I was.
Pride: Were there any other techniques that you felt were good?
Nakamura: I felt a little confident because I could see his punches coming.
Pride: Do you still want to fight in the Open Weight Grand Prix?
Nakamura: Well, I lose so I can't say much but I felt like I could make it (in the Open Weight Grand Prix).
Pride: Did Yoshida say anything to you?
Nakamura: Nothing special.