Josh Barnett

Pride Fighting Championships: How was your conditioning compared to your previous fight with Mirko?
Josh Barnett: I was in about 10 times better shape. I was so excited that I forgot to breathe, too.
Pride: How does it feel to get your first win in PRIDE?
Barnett: I'm really happy and sad. It's a confusing feeling because he's also my training partner. I think we were both able to do our jobs and make the fans happy, though.
Pride: What did you focus on in your training to condition yourself so well?
Barnett: I improved my condition slowly until I was in top shape. I wasn't able to take it easy for the Mirko fight. You might want more time but when the fight's decided, you've got to do it. It's a tough world.
Pride: Did you have any problems with your shoulder this time?
Barnett: No problems at all. I tried to do a power bomb, not the pro-wrestling move but the UWF technique.
Pride: Did you think you would be able to finish him with the ankle lock?
Barnett: I know from training that most guys would give up when you twist it that far. I guess he's got the warrior spirit. I put a toehold on him but he didn't tap, so I was twisting it like it would kill him. I tried to put on the nagata lock but he just wouldn't let me. I thought that he didn't know it. I don't know if he felt he was in danger or if he knows pro-wrestling moves but I couldn't get it on him. I wanted to surprise him
Pride: Why didn't you say your usual line? (You're already dead)
Barnett: Nakamura has a strong heart and I think he has the samurai spirit. I respect him.