Mauricio Rua

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua: I'm very relaxed. Our training in the public training session yesterday was close to what we normally do but everyone seemed shocked. That's really only about 30~40% of our normal training. 1~2 months before a fight we train harder, like a real fight. We hold back in our training right before the fight so we don't get injured. I will train today then rest tomorrow and get ready for the fight.
I've never fought in a Heavyweight match before but I normally weight more than 100kg. I think it will be good because I can fight at my normal weight. I'm really looking forward to fighting Coleman. We have a lot of Heavyweight training partners at Chute Boxe and I sparred with them, so there won't be any problems fighting at Heavyweight.
We always bring wrestling into our training, mainly to improve our defense and to practice throws. We train with a famous Brazilian wrestler named Fabio. Can I take down Coleman? I haven't really thought about it. If I can't take him down though, I will just do something else, like a knee kick. Winning is the important thing so I don't rely on just stomps.
I was just 19 when Coleman whom the first PRIDE Grand Prix in 2000. I hadn't gone pro yet and I will still training hard to fight as a professional. So, I respect Coleman and I think being able to fight him is an honor. He's famous and I'm happy to be able to fight a world-class fighter. His fighting style is like Arona's but Arona can do more techniques.
I won't know how I'm going to fight until I try. I'm not thinking about that kind of thing. I haven't thought about any strategies. It's something you know when the fight starts. It's my first fight since August and I'm also looking forward to it. I think the fans expect a lot so I will do my best when I fight. That's all.
I took 1 month off after last year's Grand Prix. I went to America with my brother Ninja in January and did 9 seminars. We weren't able to train then but it was a lot of fun. All of the seminars were packed and I was surprised at how nice the American fans treated us. We traveled around and it was a good vacation. After that, I was happy to start training again.
All Chute Boxe fighters believe that you need courage to fight a big opponent. That's one of Chute Boxe's lessons. Techniques are something that you learn naturally but Chute Boxe fighters train harder than any other fighter so they are also taught about having heart. We are able to fight because of the fans, so we fight for the fans. We don't want to betray the fans. I won't betray the fans in my fight.