Yoon Dong Sik

Yoon Dong Sik: I went to AMC in America to train for a month and learned from Matt Hume. The training was very good. I learned a lot of techniques but I forgot some of them, too. (laughing) I sparred with Josh Barnett, Bob Sapp and some UFC fighters. What did I train with Josh? That's a secret. I trained all-round, not just striking and grappling, and I think I'm better overall now.
Rampage is scary. His face is really scary. (laughing). I know he's got power and he's skilled overall so I'm still looking for a weak point. He's more skilled than me and he definitely has more experience than me. If you look at it overall, he is probably better. However, I think that I am better on the ground. What if he tries to slam me when I do an arm-bar or a triangle choke? I'll think about it then. I have thought about my strategy a little. I look relaxed? Not at all! I'm nervous and my chest is pounding. I want to win even more than I did the last time.
I won't wear a gi because I trained without a gi this time. There are advantages and disadvantages to wearing a gi but now it's easier for me to fight without wearing one. If my opponent isn't wearing one either, takedowns and throws will be the same. I do judo so I want the fans to see my throws. It would be an honor if I could fight in the Open Weight Grand Prix. I'm completely prepared so I will do my absolute best.