Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt: My condition? I'm a little sleepy but I'm good. I haven't seen Nishijima's boxing matches. I don't care that he was a World Champion either. I have to be careful of his punches but that's it.
Am I going to low-kick him? No, that's not in my plan at all. But, you never know. (smiles) I'm not very good at low-kicks.
Actually, I have a special secret technique. This technique will be the key point in this fight. Let me tell you what it is. It's a flying arm bar! (laughing) Really. It's not a lie. So, don't ask me much about that move.
Einemo and I had some good training at my gym for our fights. He's very skilled. H's got a good balance between ground and standing, and he's strong? Did I learn the flying arm bar from him? I just don't you it's a secret, didn't I? I'm not going to talk about that anymore. (laughing)
I haven't done any new training. Just the same as always. I trained in striking and jujitsu and tried not to get hurt. It's not always true that the heavier fighter has an advantage. There are disadvantages. Speed, for example. They are well conditioned and have bodies that are easy to move. One advantage of being heavy is the you can crush someone when they try to do a takedown.
The fight with Nishijima will probably end up with us trading punches but I won't know until the fight. I can't look past Nishijima just because he's lighter. If he hits me in the right place, I can be knocked out too. I'm always serious in the fights so I won't look past him.
I weigh 132.5kg. Watch my fight carefully. I'm concentrating on just this face with Nishijima and not thinking about Grand Prix.