Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman: I think the Heavyweight fighter has a small advantage but since both Shogun and I are around 100kg, it doesn't really matter. I'm physically stronger though, and I think I will win. Actually, I dieted for this fight. I was trying to improve my body and I put thought into what I was eating. I think the results show. I'm about 99~100kg now.
I also used to think that the heavier fight has the advantage but that was just because they were fat. If you can get big with fat, it's better to cut the fat and gain speed. I haven't lost any power at all.
Shogun is last year's Grand Prix Champion so it goes without say that I respect him. However, I'm also a Grand Prix Champion too and I've gotten stronger, not weaker. I know Shogun has talent and strength, and youth, and a great team. I think he's very strong but those are the same things I have. I'm strong. My team is a great team. I may not be as young but I've got experience. I am not inferior at all.
Shogun's stomp? (laughing) I know he's good at stomping but to do that, he's got to take me down. If he can't take me down, he can't stomp. I don't expect him to be able to take me down.
I'm going to attack aggressively this time. I'm going to make him respect me with the first punch I throw at him. After that, I'm going to aim for ground-and-pound. I have to be careful of all Shogun's skills and his strategy. The ring is a battlefield and you fight to live or die, so I think it's important to beat him as quickly as possible. Shogun's kicks and knees are strong and he has ground skills but I'm just going after the takedown.
I want you to pay attention to my aggressiveness in particular this time. I'm going to show you an aggressiveness that I have never shown before. My opponent this time is young and youth is important but I'm going to beat him with aggressiveness. And I want to win Shogun's respect.