Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem: My condition is very good. I gained 3kg for this fight and I'm about 99~100kg now. I've gained power and I feel really good. I just changed my diet to gain weight. I haven't changed my training at the gym. I think of this fight as a test. I'm going to find some good way to gain weight after this fight.
The bigger fighter has an advantage? I think that depends on the fighters. Some fighters can use the weight difference to their advantage and it will be a disadvantage in other situations. You can't say that everything is good or bad.
I also trained with Remy Bonjasky this time. I learned kicks from him and we worked on my flying knee kick. It will depend on the timing whether I use it in this fight or not. If I have the chance, I want to use it. I also learned how to pound from Fedor when he came to Holland, too.
I think Kharitonov is a great fighter. He's got power and technique and he seems like a clever fighter. He's beaten strong opponents and he's won every fight since Nogueira, so you can't take him lightly. I think he's clever. He tries to attack without getting hit and then go for a submission. His boxing skills are great but I will be the one that hits him because I came from Holland. (laughing) I will hit him with a knee, too. I'm going to strike aggressively. Look forward to me choking him with a guillotine.
Oh, yeah. I didn't bring my hammer this time. It's still sleeping in its bed. (laughing)