Quinton Jackson

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: (whispering) Okay? This is just between us, but I did something really strange this time. I caught a pigeon by its wings, wrote a letter and tied it to its legs. I wanted to see if it would really come back but so far, it hasn't come back. What's the deal with those pigeons? Then I went to the gym and pretending to be a pigeon, I flapped my arms up and down. That was the weirdest training. I wrote in that letter that I want to fly around like a pigeon someday.
No, I'm just joking. I trained like I always do, with my training partner "lunch box." We call him lunch box because he's always hungry. We can see his butt hanging out from his low-rise pants whenever he trains, so we can train well. (laughing) I was also able to train with Randy Couture before the fight in October, so that was good.
Yoon Dong Sik? He doesn't use a knife or a gun. He uses judo, right? I'm a wrestler though, so I will win. Actually, I was learning judo from black and brown belts before the Middleweight Grand Prix because it was possible I might have to fight Yoshida. I trained with a gi, of course. There are some great moves in judo, like kesagatame (scarf hold) and I like it but I'm a wrestler so I'm not scared of it. Not even a little.
Why? Because wrestling is stronger than judo. Wrestling was the first sport born in this world. There's nothing but wrestling in the Bible! I think that if a wrestler and a judoka fight without strikes, the wrestler will always win. Both guys wear a gi in judo matches so you have to think about where to grab when you want to do a takedown. Wrestling is just bare skin though and your body just moves on its own since you don't have anything to grab. I think wrestlers are stronger in that aspect. I'm going to show you my best fight yet.