Kazushi Sakuraba

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think about the fight?
Sakuraba: Thank you very much.
Pride: Do you think your trip to Brazil paid off?
Sakuraba: I can't say that everything has 100% sunk in yet but they were in my corner and that helped me mentally.
Pride: Did Fujimar (leader of Chute Boxe) say anything to you before the fight?
Sakuraba: He told me to kill. (laughing)
Pride: What do you think about Shamrock now that you've fought him?
Sakuraba: I took a punch and then I tried to fake a tackle but he saw through it. Everyone says he's old but that's not true at all. He's a good fighter.
Pride: What did you think when he was walking around after the fight, objecting?
Sakuraba: I didn't look at him because there's nothing I could do about it.
Pride: How did the KO feel?
Sakuraba: His eyes roll back when he fell...I couldn't let him come back, so I kept hitting him.
Pride: As far as "Starting Over" goes, was this a perfect one for you?
Sakuraba: I wasn't really thinking about that when I was fighting but there are still skills that I have to learn and things I have to do.
Pride: Do you have any plans to go to Brazil again?
Sakuraba: I haven't decided yet but I want to go.
Pride: What was the "jiro" technique you were talking about before the fight? Did you use it this time?
Sakuraba: It was a wash. (laughing) I planned on using it but he was strong and I couldn't find the timing.
Pride: They will probably want you to fight in New Year's Eve now. How about that?
Sakuraba: Let me think about it a little...yes. If they'll have me, I'd be happy to fight.