Makoto Takimoto & Yoon Dong Sik

Pride Fighting Championships: You won today.
Takimoto: The judgment was a win but I don't consider it a win.
Pride: Why not?
Takimoto: I don't agree with the decision.
Pride: There were some boos from the crowd.
Takimoto: Nothing I can do about that.
Pride: Did you expect your opponent to fight without his gi?
Takimoto: I don't usually train with partners wearing a gi so it wasn't anything special.
Pride: Why did you wear the short-sleeved gi?
Takimoto: I didn't want my gi to be used against me.
Pride: How is fighting in PRIDE different than fighting in judo?
Takimoto: There was no weight difference in judo but my opponent this time was big and overpowering.
Pride: What did your opponent do that bothered you the most?
Takimoto: I didn't like it when he would stick to me and grab my gi or my belt.
Pride: It seemed like you hit him with some good punches. How did it feel to you?
Takimoto: I could feel them. I think I could have KO'd him with a little more, just one more step.
Pride: He tried to put a leg-lock on you once but you stood up and escaped. Did he have it on tight?
Takimoto: Not at all.
Pride: What do you think you were lacking this time?
Takimoto: Looking at Saku's fight, I think that I still need work on movement and how to push the fight. I will work hard to learn those kinds of things.

Pride Fighting Championships: Why did you remove your gi this time?
Yoon: I didn't wear a gi when I was training in Japan and I wanted to fight like I trained.
Pride: Was it easier to fight (without the gi)?
Yoon: It has good points and bad points.
Pride: What do you think about Takimoto shortening his sleeves?
Yoon: It wasn't a problem.
Pride: Has his image changed since you were in judo?
Yoon: I thought he was strong in judo and I realized it again today when we clinched.
Pride: What do you think of the decision?
Yoon: I also thought I lost.
Pride: What do you think was lacking?
Yoon: I thought I'd lost when I received the 2 yellow cards?
Pride: How were Takimoto's punches?
Yoon: I think his punches were good. After the 2 nd round though, I could see them coming and I was able to avoid them.