Sergei Kharitonov & Fabricio Werdum

Pride Fighting Championships: What happened to your right arm?
Kharitonov: It was hurt in the 1 st minute of the 1 st round. I hurt the back of my back when I tried to throw him.
Pride: Were you injured before the fight?
Kharitonov: No.
Pride: Did the injury affect the rest of the fight?
Kharitonov: It was affecting me but I didn't want him to know, so I faked it. My goal this time was to win. I did everything I had to do to achieve that goal.
Pride: Do you know what kind of injury it is?
Kharitonov: I don't know concretely but I'm going to have a doctor look at it and do tests.
Pride: What do you think of your opponent?
Kharitonov: My opinion of him is a favorable opinion. If possible, I'd like to fight him again. I injured myself this time but I think that was only due to my lack of preparation.

Pride Fighting Championships: You went for many tackles. What were you trying to achieve?
Werdum: My fighting style is to punch, take them down with a tackle and them finish on the trouble. That's all I did this time.
Pride: Was it difficult fighting Kharitonov?
Werdum: Of course, no opponent is easy. Pride fighters are strong and tough. Kharitonov was also strong and tough. I don't have any problem with the decision. This is a joke but I may have to fight Mirko eventually. Before that, though, I'm glad I can leave Mirko up to Sergei now.
Pride: How long did you train with Mirko for this fight?
Werdum: For about 2 and a half months.
Pride: As Mirko's training partner, did training with him affect you?
Werdum: Not at all. We divided the training time. We trained twice a day but we trained both for him and for me, so it wasn't like I wasn't able to train for myself. Please let me say one last thing. I would really like to fight on New Year's Eve. I don't care who my opponent is, I just want to fight. I will train twice as much as I have until now, so please let me fight. Thank you very much.