James Thompson & Alexandru Lungu

Pride Fighting Championships: What was the hardest part of this fight?
Thompson: The hardest part was when he was on top of me. I thought I was in danger but I was able to escape surprisingly easily. The rest was easy.
Pride: You looked like you went down with that right hook. Was there any damage?
Thompson: There wasn't any damage from that right hook. I didn't even know I was hit. I was thinking about the next move so I was open...
Pride: You rushed out when the bell rang in previous PRIDEs. You were relatively calm today. Why?
Thompson: I was extremely relaxed this time. I was relaxed during the last fight with Sentoryu too, but I decide what to do after the bell for each fight. My opponent this time was heavy and strong in judo, so I had to be careful.
Pride: This is your 2 nd consecutive win in PRIDE. What's your next goal?
Thompson: My goal is to become the PRIDE Champion. I can't find any reason within myself why I cannot become the Champion. I'm going to train more and aim for the Championship.
Pride: Sakakibara (CEO of DSE) said that as a result of your fight today, he's thinking about having you fight on New Year's Eve. What do you think about that?
Thompson: I've very happy. I'm happy that I'm able to fight in PRIDE after doing MMA for 2 or 3 years.
Pride: Who would you like to fight?
Thompson: Mark Coleman. He's a great fighter that I admire. I also admire Takada as a fighter.
Pride: What kind of training do you need to become ever stronger than you are now?
Thompson: My takedowns didn't go well so I want to concentrate on that. I have a bad habit of bringing my arms in front of my face when I punch my opponent. I'm going to start concentrated training once I return home.
Pride: This was the Mega-Punk versus the Mega-Vampire. Is Mega-Punk your official nickname?
Thompson: My nickname is Colossus.

(Lungu began speaking without being questioned)
Lungu: I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I'm grateful that I was given this valuable experience. I had a problem with my stamina today. If I get another opportunity, I want to prove that I can build up my stamina.
Lungu: I had a chance to win 2 or 3 seconds after the bell rang. However, I've been doing judo for a long time and I realized that I don't have the striking skills necessary to win on the ground under MMA rules. I would like to say congratulations to James.
I would also like to thank my manager, Michael. Thank you.
M y impression of today was from how many fans there are and of how strongly they feel about MMA. I hope that I was able to entertain those fans, and I did my best to do that today.
' m repeating myself but I would like to thank PRIDE for giving me a chance. And, please give me another chance. I will train more and show you that I can do more in MMA. Thank you.