Murilo Rua & Murad Chunkaiev

Pride Fighting Championships: Were submissions part of your strategy?
Rua: I trained every day for this fight. I woke up early in the morning and trained very hard with everyone. My brother helped me the most. I did a lot of training, including jujitsu and muay thai. I don't have a strategy. Rather, it was the results of training everyday to be able to respond to any kind of fight.
Pride: Were you trying to get a leg-lock since your opponent was wearing shoes?
Rua: I wasn't aiming for it. This was also the result of my training. Heel holds are just one of the techniques that I have practiced.
Pride: You feel back at one point in the fight. Did you just lose your balance or was that from a punch?
Rua: I just lost my balance. I think you will see that if you watch the video. There was no punch. My body and mind are both in good shape and I don't really have any damage.
Pride: Fujimar, please tell us what you think about Sakuraba's fight.
Fujimar (leader of Chute Boxe): Saku's fight was great. I believe that Saku's win was also a win for Chute Boxe. I want Saku to come to Brazil again soon and train even more at Chute Boxe. Chute Boxe isn't just me. We've got great trainers, like Raphael. He also trained with Ninja and I think it's safe to say that Saku's victory today was a victory for all of Chute Boxe.

Pride Fighting Championships: How does it feel now that you've been in the PRIDE ring?
Chunkaiev: I feel great about fighting in PRIDE. My opponent's power wasn't as strong as I expected. He was just lucky today.
Pride: Did you think that he would try to get you with a leg submission?
Chunkaiev: Honestly, I never imagined it. This was my first time fighting here but I promise that next time, I will show you something better.
Pride: What kind of training did you do at Golden Glory?
Chunkaiev: I practiced thai kicks, MMA and wrestling.