Zuluzinho Zuluzinho

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel about your first fight in PRIDE?
Zulu: I very happy. I'm happy that they gave me a chance. I'm glad that I won. I want to be even more exciting if there is another fight.
Pride: Your opponent is a former sumo player. Do you feel any pressure from him?
Zulu: He is an extremely good fighter. He was a warrior, always attacking. The fight was unfortunate for him but it was a good fight.
Pride: Who would you like to fight next?
Zulu: I will fight anyone. It's the PRIDE side that decides that. I just train for whatever they decide.
Pride: Sentoryu (Henry Miller) seemed like he wanted to keep fighting. Did you think that you knocked him out?
Zulu: I knew it was a KO. I kneed him 4 times and he was knocked out. Again, that's the referee and judges that decide that, though.
Pride: What's your goal in the PRIDE ring?
Zulu: I want to prove that the Zulu family is the strongest. And I want proof that I am the Heavyweight Champion.
Pride (to the father Zulu): How was your son's fight today?
Zulu (father): I thought it was okay. I think there will be even stronger opponents from here on, so he will need to train even more.
Pride: Would you like to fight the Gracie family?
Zulu: Of course, I would like that. That's a dream for me. I think my father is one reason that the Gracies became famous. I want to beat them and prove that the Zulu family is the strongest.