Fedor Emelianenko & Zuluzinho Zuluzinho

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now that you've defeated Nastula, a man who's been called the strongest in Europe?
Alexander: It was an honor to be able to fight Nastula. My strategy was to grapple with him on the ground because I wanted to prove that Russian sambo is stronger than judo.
Pride: You're on a winning streak. Do you think you're going to have to start thinking about fighting your brother?
Alexander: I think I will fight my brother in the Grand Prix, after his hand is healed. I've fought him 3 times before in sambo matches. I think that the time for us to fight in PRIDE has finally arrived.
Pride Fighting Championships: Do you want a rematch with Arona?
Fedor: I haven't received an offer from Arona yet and I haven't made one either but I'm always ready to fight.
Pride: That was an overwhelming win. Were you planning on flying in like that?
Fedor: I was motivated when I watched Alexander's fight and I intended to fly in from the beginning.
Pride: How is your right hand?
Fedor: Actually, I hurt it in this fight again. I will have surgery on it at the end of January. I won't be able to draw big drawings like I like to do but I want to fight in the Grand Prix.
Pride: When did you create your new team?
Fedor: We don't have a new team but we are gathering new, young fighters. I don't know when we will become a team but I will think about it in the New Year.
Pride: How were you previous 3 fights with Alexander in sambo?
Fedor: I won but I took a lot of Alexander's throws and punches. That was 2 years ago so I don't know what would happen if we fought now. I won in sambo by submissions.

Pride Fighting Championships: You took a lot of hits. Do you have any damage now?
Zulu: I don't really have any injuries and very little damage, just a little swelling where I was hit.
Pride: Were you conscious in the end?
Zulu: I was conscious.
Pride: Did you feel that you could still fight?
Zulu: Yes, I thought so. I have been training for this but my luck was bad.
Pride: Did you expect Fedor to come out in the beginning like that?
Zulu: I expected him to come out quickly and I had thought of strategies for that, but he came out faster that I anticipated. I want to get revenge next time.
Pride: Did your father say anything to you?
Zulu: My father told me that even the greatest warriors lose sometimes. I want to keep my head up and train for my next goal. I want to make sure that my next fight has good results.
Pride: What kind of game plan did you have for this fight?
Zulu: I put emphasis on striking in particular and anticipated a KO in the end.
Pride: Do you hope to be in the Grand Prix next year?
Zulu: If they are going to have a Grand Prix, I will train with everything I have. I want to get the opportunity to compete in PRIDE. I want to show everyone that I can win.