Hidehiko Yoshida

Pride Fighting Championships: When did you hurt you knee?
Hidehiko Yoshida: I don't remember. I think it was on the ground.
Pride: How is it?
Yoshida: It's twisted a little, I think. I'm old.
Pride: Did you get punched in the eye?
Yoshida: Yes. I don't remember much. I was hit once and I was lost because the inside of my eye began to hurt.
Pride: It hurts?
Yoshida: It's not that it hurts now or won't open. It just became swollen after the fight.
Pride: When did you decide to take of the gi?
Yoshida: When I saw Takimoto's fight, I knew that I would be at the same disadvantage, so I decided to take it off.
Pride: How was it fighting without the gi for the first time?
Yoshida: It was weird because the feeling was different. In terms of feelings, it was easy to move but some things were difficult. I think it will be difficult without more experience.
Pride: So, you're going to continue thinking about it?
Yoshida: Yes. Training and fighting for real aren't the same, so I want to do more hard training to get more experience.
Pride: Although judo and MMA are different, how was it fighting your senior?
Yoshida: Neither of us was wearing a gi, so I didn't feel pressure but I did feel his energy. I heard his ankle pop but when I looked at his face, he seemed fine.
Pride: When you locked his arm, you put everything you had into it. Did you think that would finish it?
Yoshida: He couldn't tape with his arms and it was creaking already so I wasn't sure if I should do it.
Pride: You followed up on it.
Yoshida: It was completely in so I left it up to the referee.
Pride: After you won, he took the microphone before you. What did you think when he was asking you to do things?
Yoshida: I'm not a pro-wrestler, so I want to do my best in MMA.
Pride: Did your impression of Ogawa change now that you have fought him?
Yoshida: The mass media just invented the problems but there really weren't any. There might have been a small gap between us but it always felt like we were two guys that have walked the same path.
Pride: (Pride General Director) Takada said that he wants you to compete as a heavyweight next year. What do you think?
Yoshida: That's probably impossible. I haven't decided on being a heavyweight yet. I can fight as a middleweight and I want to train to be able to do both. If they ask me to fight, I will. They often ask too much of me so my honest feelings is that I would like them to let me rest for a while.
Pride: Nastula lost his match. What do you think of the effectiveness of judo
Yoshida: Judo and MMA are the same but the way you use your strengths are different. There's nothing to do but train. You have to remember a lot of new things.