James Thompson

Pride Fighting Championships: That was an amazing rush at the bell. Was that your plan?
James Thompson: I didn't rush out in the last fight. I won that fight but I wasn't satisfied so I decided to be more aggressive in this fight.
Pride: Have you ever fought someone that big before?
Thompson: Actually, I've never fought or even seen someone that big before. There are strengths to be being big, but there are weaknesses, too. When I saw him in the ring, he didn't seem as big as I had expected.
Pride: At one point, you looked like you wanted to attack but weren't sure what to do. Were you calm then, too?
Thompson: I planned on going from the takedown to a body lock but it turned into a punch. It went from a punch to stomping and I was lost for a second but then I became myself.
Pride: You seem to have hurt your right leg. When did you do that?
Thompson: I just noticed now. It was when I kicked Silva in the face. It keeps on swelling.
Pride: What are your goals for next year?
Thompson: I think I built a foundation this year, so I'd like to fight fighters that are a little stronger.
Pride: Would you like to fight Coleman?
Thompson: I would definitely like to. As a human, he's a good guy. I respect him. I wasn't able to fight him on New Year's Eve so I would like to fight Coleman.
Pride: Do you think you've earned a place in next year's Grand Prix?
Thompson: I don't know how other people think but I believe that I've earned my place. I'd like to compete in the Grand Prix and fight heavyweight fighters. I'd like to thank the people from Team Quest. I want to say thank you to Matt.