Sanae Kikuta & Makoto Takimoto

Pride Fighting Championships: I think you had a complete win.
Sanae Kikuta: It was probably a hard fight for the fans to understand but I think as a competitor, there were high-level techniques and the content of the fight itself was deep.
Pride: Were you able to get an advantage on the ground?
Kikuta: I wanted to finish him. He's strong. He's good at not letting you finish him. He knew when I was trying to finish him.
Pride: Did you have a strategy?
Kikuta: Not really. I expected him to strike, so I was going to grapple. I was looking for the one punch I needed.
Pride: Did you give any thought to the length of his gi sleeves?
Kikuta: I didn't think about it at all. I tried for a choke this time but his collar was in the way. Other than that, it was fine.
Pride: You were using his collar to choke him?
Kikuta: No, it was a naked choke.
Pride: Do you always use that anaconda choke?
Kikuta: I use. I thought it would it would finish have, so I was disappointed.
Pride: You've trained judo before. How does it feel to actually fight a judo player?
Kikuta: Judo has a lot of players that are strong in MMA. There are a lot of good things in MMA, like leg locks and sweeps, and I wanted to show that it's not so easy here. In particular, I couldn't beat them in junior and senior high and university, so in terms of grappling, it was a complete victory for me and I'm happy. Even under judo rules, I think the difference would have been clear, so I'm happy.
Pride: Out of 100 points, how many points would you give today's match?
Kikuta: From the fans' perspective, 10 points. In terms of the complex I have regarding jujitsu, and as jujitsu grappler, 80 points.
Pride: How did you feel being in PRIDE after so long?
Kikuta: It's a difficult ring. It's always difficult but this time was also difficult.
Pride: Will you continue next year?
Kikuta: It's been 3.5 years since the last time, so it may take another 3.5 years. If I have the opportunity though, I would like to.
Pride: This is your first fight in a year. How many fights will you give us next year?
Kikuta: I will do my best.
Pride: What do you think about Kondo's fight?
Kikuta: I've only seen it on TV but it was Kondo's style from start to finish, so I wouldn't have been surprised if he had won. Hmm. It'd difficult to comment on this. I think he did everything he could. There is such a thing as a decision though, so it's probably tough for him.
Additional Kikuta comments: What I wanted to say in the ring was that I was able to overpower him and it was good that I was able to show how far MMA fighters can fight.

Pride: How do you feel about today's fight?
Makoto Takimoto: I don't want to make excuses so I will just say that I wasn't strong enough.
Pride: Did wearing the gi work against you?
Takimoto: I lost, so in the end you could say that it worked against me. But I understood that before I went into the fight, so that is also telling of my true abilities.
Pride: Was your strategy to punch on your feet?
Takimoto: I didn't really have a strategy. I was just going to fight as I always envision myself fighting.
Pride: What are your goals for the coming year?
Takimoto: I've done my best this year and honestly, I haven't thought about anything. I think I may consider taking off the judo gi, though.