Wanderlei Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: Were you satisfied with the contents of this fight?
Wanderlei Silva: It was much better than the last time, because of the support of my team. This victory today was an important victory in my record.
Pride: Technically, what was better than the last time?
Silva: I was able to avoid takedowns and I think my punches were better than in the last fight. I believe Chute Boxe is the best academy in the world so I'm able to train with an incredible team.
Pride: Was it easier to fight in this match with three rounds, rather than the tournament format?
Silva: Regarding the Grand Prix, I think it would have ended differently if I had one more round. I wanted to continue being the Champion, so I think I fought this fight well. I'm glad that I won.
Pride: It was a split-decision. Were you confident you would win?
Silva: I knew I won all three rounds.
Pride: Who did you work on wrestling and jujitsu with for this match?
Silva: I worked on wrestling with coach Fabio and jujitsu with Nino, and sparring with Ninja and Shogun. Chute Boxe has great fighters so I think I will continue to be able to fight well. Ninja is dropping weight and I think he will be able to fight for the 83kg belt in the future.
Pride: After Shogun won recently, there were stories that you said you would let Shogun win if you had to fight him.
Silva: That's not true. We didn't talk about the Final Round. Shogun has fought hard opponents. I want to keep fighting with him, having good fights together and doing our best together.
Pride: Is the story that you and Shogun bet a dog on a fight between you and that you won the fight and the dog?
Silva: That dog is still in my house. We were half-joking but we bet Shogun's dog so it would be good training. The result was exactly as you said.
F inally, I want to thank the fans. I want to thank all of the fans in the world, particularly the fans in America. Ninja and Shogun are going to be doing a lot of seminars there in the near future, so please check them out. I also want to thank God. By believing in God, I've been able to overcome various hardships and I believe He is very important. I also want to thank my new sponsors, Hanamaru Udon. I hope everyone has a great New Year.