Kazushi Sakuraba & Ikuhisa Minowa

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of Minowa?
Kazushi Sakuraba: Even before I thought that he's a strong fighter when it counts, and he was, in fact, good.
Pride: Which you were you planning on going with, strikes or submissions?
Sakuraba: It depends on the flow of the fight. We were headed for the ground.
Pride: What did you say to Minowa after the fight?
Sakuraba: We talked about a lot of things.
Pride: Specifically?
Sakuraba: Let's train together again.
Pride: How did you feel about your first fight against a Japanese in PRIDE?
Sakuraba: It felt like just another fight. It was difficult because he could hear what my corner men were telling me to do.
Pride: The crowd became excited for a moment when he had you in a leg-lock. How did it feel to you?
Sakuraba: It hurt a little but I was able to get my knee out, so it wasn't locked in.
Pride: Are you thinking about a rematch with Arona?
Sakuraba: I don't have any plans now.
Pride: How do you feel about it?
Sakuraba: I don't know.
Pride: What kind of year was this for you?
Sakuraba: I was a good year but it was also a bad year. There were some technical aspects that I regret but I want to correct those and be able to have great fights next year.
Pride: What was the best thing for you?
Sakuraba: Going to train at Chute Boxe in Brazil and making a lot of friends.
Pride: Will you go again next year?
Sakuraba: I plan on going because I think we had good training, teaching each other our techniques.
Pride: What did you think about Minowa wearing white trunks this time?
Sakuraba: I noticed that. He usually wears red so I knew something was different.
Pride: What about your costume this time?
Sakuraba: Oh, yeah. That was strongly recommended to me and they said they would make the outfit for me, so I wore it.
Pride: It was too bad that you took it off so quickly.
Sakuraba: It was a little embarrassing. I wasn't able to shake my groin (like Razor Ramone HG).
Pride: I think this is a good ending for you, with 2 consecutive wins. What are your goals for next year?
Sakuraba: I want to train so that I can use techniques that work in training in a real match.

Pride: How was it fighting Sakuraba, someone that you really wanted to fight?
Ikuhisa Minowa: It was really fun. He taught me that I've still got things to learn and it was a good experience for me.
Pride: What did you talk about after the fight?
Minowa: It's a secret.
Pride: Why didn't you wear your red "real pro-wrestler" trunks today?
Minowa: It was the last challenge of my twenties so I wanted to make it like the Japanese flag.
Pride: Will you wear the red trunks in future fights?
Minowa: It's a secret.
Pride: Who do you normally train with?
Minowa: I go to a lot of places.
Pride: For example?
Minowa: Sakaguchi Dojo. I have friends in Yonekura Boxing Gym, so I go there. Dragon Dojo. Takada Dojo. PRIDE Dojo.
Pride: Did you go to heaven today?
Minowa: I didn't go to super heaven. I saw a little of it, though.
Pride: How satisfied are you with this fight?
Minowa: I was almost in super heaven. I can do better. I'm not sure but I think I saw my future.
Pride: Will you train with Sakuraba in the future?
Minowa: I hope I can train with him and fight him.
Pride: What are your goals for 2006?
Minowa: I haven't decided. I'll decide in the one hour I have remaining in this year.
Pride: Did you have your arm locked in?
Minowa: I knew I had to do something but he had the lock on.
Pride: It's not broken?
Minowa: I was thinking of some way to escape. In a sense, it was a battle with referee.
Pride: When was the last time you lost on the ground?
Minowa: Since 7 years before? I don't remember.