Kazuhiro Nakamura & Yuki Kondo

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of the fight?
Nakamura: Kondo's an extremely strong fighter, the strongest I've fought so far. It was a decision, so of course I'm not satisfied.
Pride: Did the fight today go according to your plan?
Nakamura: I had opportunities to attack but I'm disappointed that I didn't use them.
Pride: Did that high-kick that he hit you with affect you?
Nakamura: It hurt me a little.
Pride: Did you think you could win from the 1 st round?
Nakamura: In the 2 nd and 3 rd rounds of my previous fights, it has never been like that. He never slowed down and I became tired.
Pride: When you were attacking, did you think it wasn't hurting him?
Nakamura: I stomped on him once when were separating and he stopped moving, but then he started moving again, so I wasn't sure.
Pride: What was Kondo's strongest point?
Nakamura: I didn't like it that his face would come so close and I felt pressured.
Pride: Did you think you were winning on your feet?
Nakamura: I didn't feel any pressure when we were standing. I began to feel pressure in the 3 rd round. I wanted to do everything, not just strike. My tackles didn't work, though.
Pride: Your pounding from inside the guard was effective. Did you practice that?
Nakamura: Yes. I was trying to set the pace with that. The pace was just hard to grasp.
Pride: Many of your (judo) seniors were watching. Did they say anything to you?
Nakamura: They looked glum. I'm sorry.
Pride: What did you say after you shook hands?
Nakamura: I was moved after it was over because he's a really good fighter. I want to be around tough fighters from now on. I want to practice together and then fight strong foreigners.
Pride: What is your goal for next year?
Nakamura: I'd like to fight someone from the Champion class, like Silva or Shogun. That's the kind of person I feel like have a fight with.

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think about the decision?
Kondo: No comment.
Pride: You seemed pressured in the last half.
Kondo: I personally feel that I was moving well.
Pride: You seemed overpowered in the first half.
Kondo: Yes, that's what it felt like.
Pride: You said after the Vovchanchyn fight that you didn't have enough power. Have you been training for that?
Kondo: I've been working on my power, or the difference in weight, since before this fight.
Pride: You said previously that you were on the edge. How do you feel now?
Kondo: I'd like to fight someone at 83kg.
Pride: Did you think that after this fight?
Kondo: Yes, I did.
Pride: Is the middleweight division difficult?
Kondo: If they put the fight together for me, I will fight, of course.
Pride: Do you feel that Nakamura felt that high-kick in the first round?
Kondo: Yes, I think he definitely felt it.
Pride: When did you feel that you were setting the pace?
Kondo: I was on top when the high-kick connected in the first round.
Pride: Do you think you damaged him?
Kondo: I don't know about the damage but when it was flowing well when I was punching from the top.
Pride: How about the pounding in round one?
Kondo: I was fine.
Pride: Do you feel that you lost?
Kondo: No.
Pride: Do you think you won?
Kondo: I don't know.