Dan Henderson

Pride Fighting Championships: How does it feel to wear the belt?
Henderson: It really feels great. It feels great to get a chance at a title match and win this belt.
Pride: It was a slim decision. What was your game plan for today?
Henderson: My game plan was to go from standing to pounding from the top. I was looking for a takedown but he's an amazing, all-round fighter, I spent a lot of time on my back and the decision became close. I had 2 or 3 chances for a knockout when we were standing, so I think it was good.
Pride: How did this fight compare to when you fought Bustamante before?
Henderson: The last fight was short and I wasn't able to see how good of a fighter he is or his true abilities. Murilo is a tough fighter though, so I expected that it might go to the decision.
Pride: You were taken down with under-locks and single-legs several times. As a Greco-Roman wrestler, was that unexpected?
Henderson: It's not a wrestling match, it's a mixed martial arts match. I was concentrating on aggressively striking and I think that's why there were so many takedowns.
Pride: Did you get that cut on your face on the ground?
Henderson: I don't remember where or when I got it. I think it was the second round. I didn't realize I was cut until I went to the changing room. It was probably from a head-butt.
Pride: Will you continue to fight in the welterweight division?
Henderson: I still don't know. It will depend on what DSE decides but I can fight in both divisions. It's not difficult for me to drop weight to the welterweight division. I'm very happy that I have the belt.
Pride: What do you want to tell the most that you have become the Champion?
Henderson: My teammates. My chiropractor Ryan Parson. My wife and family, who also helped with my food, and I want to thank PRIDE for giving me a chance to get the belt. I just want to enjoy this moment.
Pride: If Gomi challenged you for that belt, what would you do?
Henderson: Gomi is a strong fighter but I don't think he will challenge me. If he's smart, he won't.