Takanori Gomi

Pride Fighting Championships: Was the first round KO as you imagined it would be?
Gomi: Yes.
Pride: Did you expect that kind of finish?
Gomi: If you look at the Pulver fight, you can see that he lowers his guard after three minutes. I wanted to put up with his combinations until his guard dropped and then I would attack. I think it the attacks on the ground were good, too.
Pride: Did it feel effective?
Gomi: It's a title match so I couldn't stop myself.
Pride: You took a lot of low-kicks in the beginning.
Gomi: That was difficult. I was able to block the low-kicks. When I first blocked the kick, it didn't feel as fast as the ones I normally get at the karate dojo I train at, so I saw them coming. I wasn't worried about the kicks.
Pride: They didn't affect you later?
Gomi: I kept the low-kicks in mind but I knew I could keep going.
Pride: How do you feel about Mach now that you have fought?
Gomi: I think it was a good fight because I was able to have a match with someone I have respected for years and gain a title. I want to teach my juniors that if you keep going little by little, you will eventually arrive where you want to be.
Pride: Have you ever trained with Mach?
Gomi: Many times. He was my senior when I was in SHOOTO.
Pride: You seemed more relaxed than usual today.
Gomi: Really? I figured that it would be like at Ariake and I would get excited when I entered the Arena. The staff helped me stay relaxed for the past three days and I was able to flip the switch when I made my entrance. I felt it from the entrance.
Pride: There were many fights today but the cheers for you felt really loud.
Gomi: Maybe since the Grand Prix at Ariake? I think it's because the fans have watched my fights and me.
Pride: With the MVP and a Championship title topping it all off, do you think this was a good year?
Gomi: Yes, I do. It was so good that it feels scary.
Pride: What about next year?
Gomi: I'd like to give the younger team members a chance next year and I want to take it easy.
Pride: Now that you are at the top of PRIDE, what do you think about a rematch with BJ Penn?
Gomi: I don't care about him. If he wants something from me, he can come to PRIDE.
Pride: How is the view from the top of the lightweight division?
Gomi: I want to go drinking. The only thing I'm worried about right now is how Genki (Sudo) is doing now. We were sending e-mails to each other yesterday. I've known Genki many years. I came to this fight with the feeling that today is judgment day. Attention on the lightweight division is at its peak now and our fields are different, but I'm worried about (Genki's) results.