Charles Bennett & Ken Kaneko

Championships: What do you think of Kaneko as a fighter?
Bennett: That's a good question. I was surprised by Kaneko's attack in the beginning. Nobody's ever jumped out that quickly at me before.
Pride: What was your strategy today?
Bennett: My strategy was to embarrass him in the ring. This is a pro's job, not a job for actors. I'm going to take 6 months off and become an actor, though.
Pride: You were happy today, weren't you?
Bennett: Today was my acting debut.
Pride: What do you mean by it was your debut?
Bennett: What I mean by my acting debut is that I'm always being warned to be aggressive and amazingly, this was the first time that I felt afraid. I didn't want to underestimate him. Once I calmed down and thought about it, I became relaxed. Then I pretended to be sleeping when I made my entrance, took down the referee and got yellow carded.
Pride: You always climb on the top rope when the fight begins. Why didn't you do it today?
Bennett: There's a reason. It's because of the fucking referee. I can't do my usual performance. It's like I was fighting with the referee. I got a yellow card when I kissed the camera and hit by a cheap-shot punch from the ref.
Pride: What are you going to do next year?
Bennett: As I just said, I'm going to take 6 months off and work hard on being an actor. I'm like to be a comedian actor if possible. I think I can be successful as an actor like Kaneko was successful in fighting.
Pride: Are you serious?
Bennett: Yes, I'm serious.
Pride: What will you be doing on New Year's Eve after the event?
Bennett: I'll probably be in Roppongi. I don't usually drink much and get crazy but I think I'll get crazy because it's New Year's Eve.

Pride Fighting Championships: What did you think of the fight?
Kaneko: I'm disappointed.
Pride: How did it feel to actually be in the ring?
Kaneko: I had goose bumps when I was making my entrance. I was nervous in the ring and don't remember anything.
Pride: You ran across the ring when the bell sounded. Was that your plan?
Kaneko: I was thinking of several things. I wanted to make the first move.
Pride: The cheers for you were really loud. Did you hear them?
Kaneko: I'm sorry, I don't remember. When I was hit in the body, it took the wind out of me and I don't remember.
Pride: How strong was he?
Kaneko: When I first clinched with him, I knew I couldn't let go. I just remember using all my strength. He was strong from the beginning so I knew that he would be able to pick me up. I knew he was really strong.
Pride: Were you scared in the stare-down?
Kaneko: Not at all.
Pride: Bennett said that you were scary.
Kaneko: Really? Fighting isn't about how you look so I don't judge fighters by how they look.
Pride: Were you trying for a triangle choke on the ground?
Kaneko: Yes, I was. I remember that. I tried to pull my leg out to get the triangle but I had used so much energy in the beginning that I couldn't get my right arm out and my body wouldn't move like I wanted it to.
Pride: During you recent public training session, you said that you would be nervous until today and then you would try to be.
Kaneko: Honestly, I was always scared. I wasn't nervous when I made my entrance and the SHOOTO guys were supporting me so, in that sense, I didn't want to waste this opportunity.
Pride: What will you do now that this is over?
Kaneko: It's just finished now so I don't know but I will continue doing martial arts.
Pride: How much damage do you have?
Kaneko: I think I'm fine.
Pride: How much of the things you wanted to do were you able to do?
Kaneko: I'm not sure. Maybe half.
Pride: In what form will you continue to be involved in martial arts?
Kaneko: I don't know what form it will be. If the martial arts work gets excited, I think that would be great. No matter what form it takes in the future, I was given a wonderful opportunity and I want to be useful to the martial arts world.
Pride: There was a lot of pressure on you. Are you glad you did this?
Kaneko: I expected the pressure so for me, I think it was pretty good.
Pride: Do you feel more relief or disappointment now that it's over?
Kaneko: Honestly, relief because I wanted to win when I climbed in the ring. I was really disappointed when it was over, though.