Takanori Gomi & Jean Silva

T akanori Gomi
W e've been moving the gym, so there were some things I wasn't able to do in training but I'm already looking toward the BUSHIDO Grand Prix and I'm training for the Grand Prix. We moved close to the Kiguchi Dojo and everyone is able practice like they did when they were kids. I can train with a much lighter heart now.
I stopped training at other gym this time. I can train as much as I want in my own gym so I decided to do that. When you train at a lot of places, traveling around takes a lot of time that you could have used for training. All sports are the same in that you have to use what you have around you.
S tyle-wise, Jean Silva is close to Azeredo, kicking and using capoeira-style kicks from a long distance. His punches are weak but his kicks seem strong. He's sort of a bad-boy version of Azeredo. I met him in the photo session earlier. To be that height, he is really cut. He looks strong and I bet he's got some snap in his uppercuts.
I was caught by surprise last time and I won't make the same mistake twice. I've got a surprise for him this time. I took a lot of kicks in my fight with Azeredo. He probably knew that I would come in with tackles and punches and tried to avoid them. I think this will be my last single match this year so I want to show a new Gomi. I think this fight will be more enjoyable than the last 6. It will be a work of art.
I began to think of fights as works of art about 2 or 3 fights after I made my pro debut. I wasn't thinking about money or rank then. I want this fight to be one that you can enjoy no matter how many times you see it.
M y trainer, Nishino, and the young members of my team have come to Nagoya this time. Not exactly like a school trip but sort of a summer vacation. (laughing) I'm truly glad that I'm a fighter. If would never be able to stay in a hotel like this if I had a regular job!
E veryone around me tells me that BUSHIDO is exciting. I think that if everyone tried to show great fights, it could become an amazing event. Young people like to watch TV late at night. Golden time is not always the best. I want to send my energy out to Japan. I'll keep fighting as long as I have energy left in me.
N agoya's a little hot so everyone drink beer and be happy!

J ean Silva
T his is the first time for me to come to Japan. I'm so happy. Coming to Japan and fighting in BUSHIDO is like a dream for me. Everyone in Japan has been so nice to me.
W hen I first fought in England, all of the English fans really enjoyed my fight style. I still remember how hot the event was to see capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. I think it will happen again in Japan.
I started capoeira when I was 15, just for fun. Capoeira is very popular in Brazil. Old people and kids just naturally do it in the middle of the street. I learned without going to a dojo because of that. I did it that way for 6 years and then I started training seriously. Capoeira isn't just spinning around. They have a lot of techniques. They have moves to kill your opponent, too.
I 'm proud of the capoeira that I've done for so many years. I have my current fight style because of capoeira. I love capoeira and I'm proud of my other backbone, jiu-jitsu.
A bout Gomi? Let's say it clearly. He's garbage. He's got a lot of growing to do as a professional. Gomi doesn't have the samurai spirit. I don't think he's tough at all. I don't think of my opponent's as my enemy. I think the enemy is within myself. My opponent is a way for me to step up. He's nothing more than a single step. Gomi is the same. He's nothing more than a single step for me.
A m I angry at Gomi? Of course. What he did to Luis Azeredo was really wrong. It's not just me. Fans across the world, and in Japan, probably think the same way. What he did just gives me more motivation.
I 'm going to give a fight that will make the fans really happy this time. It will be a great fight and I will win. That's the most important thing. Please come and watch. I will do my best to have a great fight. This won't be the only time for me. I'm going to keep fighting in PRIDE.