Ryo Chonan & Phil Baroni

R yo Chonan
M y condition is normal. I was training hard until one week before the fight and just lied around a lot for the last week. It's hot so I was sleeping as much as possible. (laughing)
I don't have any new training. I will win with more of what I've done before. I did kick more this time. Because of Baroni? Maybe a little.
B aroni has a strong heart. He never gives up. He'll give it all he has until he gets knocked out. I'm the same way though, so I think we'll both stick with it. I'm not going down. The difference in body sizes is the biggest thing. I've been training with Kazu Nakamura but I'm stronger so I won't lose to him. (Kazu, also at the interview, yells at Chonan)
B aroni's body looks strong but that's probably just for show. He uses punches a lot but his punches aren't very good. He was gassed out in his last fight against Minowa. He didn't give up, though. I have to be careful of his heart. Honestly, I think he's a tough opponent. He beat Minowa after all.
Apparently, he's angry and he said that he's UFC champion class. So, this is what I will say to him: You've never been a champion, have you?! You're no champion.

P hil Baroni
M y condition is great. It's much better than last time. My fight with Minowa was good but this fight will be better. This will be a tough fight.
T o put it plainly, I hate Chonan. I heard that Chonan said he wants to fight a UFC champion class fighter after he beats me. I don't like that he wants to use me as a stepping-stone. I am a UFC champion class fighter. Minowa was a longhaired homo in a bikini but Chonan's face looks like a fish. I'm going to lay him out flat like sushi tomorrow. I'm going to beat him standing and I'm going to crush his face with stomps. I'm going to pound you harder than you thought possible. I'm going to beat on him until he breaks and is unconscious.
A pparently they are going to have a BUSHIDO tournament in the fall. I am the world's strongest and the sexiest in this weight class. My fight is going to be the most exciting fight of the day so everyone look forward to it.