Ikuhisa Minowa & Kimo Leopoldo

I kuhisa Minowa
M y theme for this fight is nature. This fight with Kimo will definitely be good. It's going to be a kill or be killed fight.
I 'm hot and it feels good. I love summer and it's finally sunny in Japan. Until now, I've been really trying to break away (from the norm) but this time, I'm going to just leave it up to nature and I will definitely be able to break away.
I trained in the mountains this time and I learned about nature from nature. When I'm in nature, my health gets better, from the inside out. It feels like poison comes out along with the sweat.
I briefly saw Kimo earlier. He was staring at me during the photo session but I didn't stare back. I could feel that he wants to kill me, though. I thought this guy's a good fighter. I didn't stare at him because I thought that wasn't the right time. He's going to come to the fight to kill me, right? I have to be calm and kill him first. This will definitely be a good fight. I'm going to be fighting like it's a battle to the death.
N agoya's a special place for me. I have a lot of old friends and acquaintances there. There are a lot of people there than know me from when I said I wanted to be a pro-wrestler. I want to show those people that I am a real pro-wrestler now. I think there will be new power born from that friendship.
I was really nervous when I heard I would fight Kimo. It was a good nervousness. Now I'm trying to relax and just be a part of nature. I don't know if that's good or bad but I will be fighting as a part of nature this time, nature style. I'm going to bring in a hot wind and have a hot fight!

K imo
I fought in PRIDE 1 and I'm really happy that I can return to PRIDE now that it has grown to become top event in the world. Other events work to raise new stars but PRIDE is different. In a normal event, there will only be one or two top fighters but I think that everyone is incredible in PRIDE.
M y opponent, Minowa, has a serious attitude and he will probably train as hard as he can for this fight. He is a fighter that understands BUSHIDO and has the heart of a samurai. Technically, he can stand too, not just wrestle.
I trained for this fight as I always do, all-around. I dieted a little and lost some weight. When I fought in UFC for the first time, I was a street fighter that didn't know anything. I didn't have any technique or strategy. It's been 10 years since I started training with Joe Moreira, though. I've learned physical and mental things from him. There are so many things I can learn from him and no matter how match I learn, there's still more to learn. Moreira doesn't just talk, though. He shows you how to do it himself. I don't want to train under anyone else.
I t looks like there is a lot of time between my fights over the past few years but it doesn't feel that way to me because I concentrate on each and every fight. I will show the fans an aggressive fight.