Kazuo Misaki & Daniel Acacio

K azuo Misaki
I want to show what I can do and I think I will win if I give 100% of what I've got. I don't really feel like this is for my team. The important are the contents of the fight and whether I win or lose. I want to have a good fight. If everyone thinks that's good for GRABAKA as a result, that's great.
A cacio is a good fighter. He's got good balance, he's very aggressive and he's got stamina. I really like his heart. He's a fighter with a lot of emotion. I want to use that emotion to beat him down. This will probably be a battle of wills. He isn't lacking anywhere and I don't think there's anything bad I can say about him.
I won't know for certain until I fight him but all of the fighters I've fought up till now have been tough. I fight everyone with everything I have.
I trained as always and did everything the same as usual. I'm always prepared to fight. I think it's a good thing that I've been training as usual. I put more effort into striking. Since last year, I've learned how to watch my opponent and damage him while defending myself, rather than the wild striking that I did before. I'm confident in myself, no matter what kind of opponent I have.
W ill striking on the ground be the deciding factor this time? I think standing strikes will be crucial. Without throws or takedowns, it won't go to the ground and I'm not that easy to take down. My opponent is an aggressive fighter so if we go head-to-head, it will be about who gets knocked down first. I don't plan on letting him rush me and stop my striking like he wants to. This will be the best fight and we'll see whether I can knock him down, or whether I will be knocked down.

D aniel Acacio
I heard that I've been worried about my weight since I came to Japan but I don't really have to lose any weight. There's no problem with my weight at all. I've trained hard twice a day since I came to Japan and I eat well between training.
I think Misaki is a good fighter and my fight with him will probably be a good one. I'm the one that will get the win, though. Standing...on the ground...it's no problem. I'm better than him striking on my feet. Chute Boxe's muay thai and jiu-jitsu is the best combination in the world. If possible, I want to KO him with punches or stomps.
C hute Boxe members' stomps are good but that's not the only training they do. There's no special emotion attached to stomping your opponent's face. They just do it because they want to win.
T here are a lot of people in my weight class that can become my rivals. Chonan. Minowa. Baroni. I want to prove that I am the best of all of them, though. Thanks to everyone that cheered for me in the debut fight. I want to thank not just the Japanese fans but also the Brazilians that cheered for me.