Masakazu Imanari & Joachim Hansen

M asakazu Imanari
I grew my hair out like a warrior ("bushi") because this is BUSHIDO. I think I'm in good condition. I AM in good condition. (laughing) My weight is about 65 or 66 kg. I lost weight when I was training. It's hot, too. I'm not really worried about my weight, though.
slept in my gym while I was training for this match. Traveling back-and-forth took too much time. (laughing) I did that for about 2 weeks. This was the first time for me. Did it motivate me? A little. (laughing) It was just a spur of the moment thing. There was no particular reason. I didn't do any special training; just the same as always. I trained 3 times per day and had a lot of fighters come to train with me. They all told me to do my best.
R esearch on Hansen? I haven't done any. (laughing) I've seen one video of him. He seemed strong. I think the scariest thing about him might be his looks, though. (laughing) He looks like he will come out swinging. A tough opponent? Hmm, he'll probably the toughest or second toughest guy I've ever fought. To me, the toughest guy was (Dokonjyonosuke) Mishima. I think I trained a little more than usual...I think. (laughing)
D efense for the pound? I haven't really thought about it because if I can submit him, it'll be over. Getting a submission right away is the best way for me but I don't know that will be possible. (laughing) I do want to have a quick-paced fight, though.

J oachim Hansen
T his is my first time in PRIDE and I'm really excited. I've been training hard and I'll be able to give a good fight.
I didn't do as much boxing this time and concentrated on ground training because thinking about Imanari's fighting style, there will probably be a lot of action on the ground. I also practiced pounding and stomping. Of course, I practiced escapes from Imanari's leg locks.
I won't have any problems with PRIDE's rules. I originally fought in Fin-Fight, with head-butts and elbows. I've been fighting mainly in SHOOTO so I've become accustomed to their rules but I have been practicing knees from the 4-points position and stomping. I think I'll be able to fight here with no problems.
I manari is a dangerous opponent. Leg-locks, arm-bars...I have to be careful about set-ups for those. Imanari likes to be on the bottom when he's on the ground but I think that's an advantage for me. I'll watch out for his submissions and I will knock him out with punches.
T hey call me the "Viking" in Japan and that's true. My mother is from Scotland, a Celt. Celts were fierce , brave warriors. My mother's blood flows in me.