Henry Miller & James Thompson

H enry "Sentoryu" Miller
I 've become excited now that the fight's closer. It's been half a year since the New Year's Eve fight and I've been training and working on my weak points. I've cut out carbohydrates at night and cut my weight from 120kg to 116kg. My body fat percentage has dropped from 16% to 10%.
I 've been training kickboxing, too. In the New Year's Eve fight, I thought it would be better to low kick, be careful of his legs and punch because he moved around a lot. I think that adding kicks makes punches and palm strikes even stronger.
I haven't seen James Thompson in person yet but he's probably smaller than Giant Silva. (laughing) He likes to rush right out and that makes it easier for me. I didn't back down in sumo. My best matches were the ones where my opponent came right out and slammed up against me because I don't run away. I'll meet Thompson head on, get inside and punch him. I'm not going to lose in strength and I can stop Thompson's rush. I want to finish the fight in the 1st round.

J ames Thompson
I think the reason I lost my last fight was that I didn't prepare enough. There was a press conference before the event and I didn't know that we would have interviews. I wasn't used to that kind of thing. I've experienced in now and there won't be any problems. I haven't changed my basic training since my fight with Alexander but I have been cross training and I joined the biggest MMA academy in England, called Trojan Gym. It's a good environment to train in.
I don't plan on changing my style of rushing out right after the bell. My fighting style may change a little depending on how my opponent comes out, though. It seems there were a lot of requests from Japanese fans to see me fight again after my last fight and I could feel it in the atmosphere there. I'm really glad that the Japanese fans were happy. I wasn't shaking on purpose before the last fight. The adrenalin just naturally came out and I started shaking.
S entoryu is a powerful fighter but I think he has problems with his stamina and his technique. This time, I want to show the Japanese fans everything I have and show them that I have grown.