Jyutaro Nakao & Marcus Aurelio

J yutaro Nakao
H ow do I feel now? I'd like to eat. (laughing. The interviews were held immediately after the weigh-ins) I'm always relaxed on the day before the fight. I turn my switch on when I wake up on the day of the fight. I'm relaxed now that the weigh-in is over. I want to eat.
I t was easy for me to lose weight. I had a long time and I started reducing my food and fat early on. It was fine. I usually drop weight over about 2 weeks but I started twice as long, about a month, before this time. Will it be different to fight at 73kg? I don't think it will. I won't know until I actually try them out but I think my punches have gotten smoother.
I don't feel any added pressure because this is PRIDE but I do want to make this fight just a single step on the way to the belt. Aurelio is tough but everyone's tough. It won't be an easy win. I've got to win here if I want the belt. I watched the Mishima and Nakamura fights on video. He's a ground fighter and he likes to grapple from the bottom. I need to watch out for his arm-bars and triangle chokes from the bottom. He was striking too but it seemed like he was better at grappling.
I n terms of style, he's not a bad match-up. I don't want to fight at his pace. I want to fight a one-sided fight. I want to win by KO or submission, as spectacularly as possible. It looks good if you go in punching and GnP'ing. I want to leave an impact on the way to the Grand Prix. It can get boring when you're trying to get a triangle from the bottom. (laughing) So, I want to punch him from the top.
I 've wanted to use more pounding since I started fighting in DEEP. I wanted to show more than I did in SHOOTO. Breaks are faster in DEEP and if you are punching and constantly moving, they'll stop it. I wanted to change my style. This fight is an extension of that. If I get a chance, I'd like to try a soccer ball kick or stomp. I'd really like to stomp his face. (laughing)

M ercus Aurelio
M y condition is great. Perfect. I concentrated on improving my standup in training for this fight. I went to Holland to train before my last fight but this time, they sent someone to American Top Team's gym to train. He's a really good kick boxer so I think we had some good training. Of course, I think my ground skills have improved.
N akao is a very tough opponent. He has a lot of experience and his ground skill is good. Of course I know that he's good at triangle chokes but I'm not particularly worried about it. In training and in jiu-jitsu matches, I've had people try to put me in triangle chokes many times. From what I've seen, I don't think his triangle choke is any better than those of the people I've fought before. I'm confident in my defense. Actually, the triangle choke is a favorite technique of mine so I will submit him with it.