Andrei Semenov & Denis Kang

A ndrei Semenov
T his is the first time for me to come to Japan. The scale and level of PRIDE are really huge. I've wanted to fight (in PRIDE) since I started fighting in the UFC. I'm the UFC representative? I don't really feel that way.
M y backbone is sambo, commando sambo, kickboxing and boxing. I've won 3 commando sambo events. I think I'm a total fighter. My strongest weapon is my wrestling and my pound. My best punch is my left hook. My best technique is the one that knocks the opponent down. (laughing)
A s a Red Devil member, I train with Fedor Emelianenko. He's been busy lately though, so we haven't trained together as much.
D enis Kang is a really good fighter. His ground technique isn't bad and he's good at measuring distance when he's on his feet. The last fight was a draw and I want to have a clear finish this time. A win for me, of course. It will depend on the situation, of course, but I want to give a nice, beautiful fight. Everyone come out and watch.

D enis Kang
M y condition is really good. I had some problems with my passport and just came to Japan yesterday (15th). It's a problem but I trained hard and I'm confident in my stamina. I didn't fight in the last BUSHIDO because I was just concentrating on my training.
I 've been training with the American Top Team for the last half-year. I've got a conditioning coach and my stamina and my speed have improved. I've been putting extra effort into my ground striking. I've got a strong pound now, like Fedor. I can put all of my weight behind the pound. I was able to see the results of that in sparring and I will show everyone in my fight tomorrow. I've also been doing training to put space between my opponent and me. I'm 150% stronger than the last time.
W hen I won in BUSHIDO the last time, it was big news in Korea. All of the fans were really happy that I was representing Korea. They have high expectations for me this time, too. PRIDE is really popular in Korea. Everyone knows about it. When I was shopping in a mall, people would call out to me. The Korean fans' power gives me strength.
I 've fought Andrei Semenov before. This will be a rematch. The last fight was judged to be a draw but I think that I won. We fought in Russia so he had a clear hometown advantage. This will be the final chapter for us. I'm going to win, of course. Semenov is a good fighter but I'm a better fighter. I want to win by KO or submission, not be decision.
T his will be a fast moving, aggressive fight. It will be an exciting fight. I definitely don't want to have a boring fight that goes to the decision. I want to show the fans aggressiveness and technique.