Daisuke Sugie

D aisuke "Amazon" Sugie
I PRIDE has always been in a separate world from me and I've always wanted to give it a try. I fought in SHOOTO in the beginning of this month but I didn't really get any damage. I thought it must be fate that I was in good condition when I got the offer.
I know that Thomson is active in the UFC and he's not a weak fighter. It's an honor for me to fight that kind of world-class fighter. I think he's aggressive and his striking and standing wrestling is excellent.
S ince I've decided to fight in PRIDE, I won't aim for decision. I'll either be knocked out or I'll break Thomson's arm. I want to fight that kind of exciting fight. I want to show everyone that I'm the Amazonian from Nagoya and that there are people in Japan that can do jiu-jitsu and MMA.
I 'm a SHOOT fighter and a jiu-jitsu fighter, and I feel that I am representing both of them. I wouldn't mind being a BUSHIDO regular but I will continue to do SHOOTO and jiu-jitsu.

J osh Thomson
I 'm really excited about my first time in PRIDE. I've wanted to fight in PRIDE for a long time and I think it's an exciting event.
I started wrestling when I was 3 and was the State Champion 3 times in High School. When I was 22, I was chosen as an All-American. My image is a striker but my base is wrestling. The academy that I train at, the American Kickboxing Academy, is a mixed martial arts academy and I used to train with Frank Shamrock.
I just found out yesterday that Sugie is a jiu-jitsu fighter. (laughing) I'll defend Sugie's takedowns tomorrow and strike standing.