Kazuki Okubo & Ryuichi Murata

Pride Fighting Championships: How did it feel, getting that submission?
Kazuki Ookubo: I thought I was going to die when I put that arm-bar on. I didn't think I would get it but I'm glad I did.
Pride: You were overwhelmed in the beginning.
Ookubo: Tamura gave me advice just before the fight and I wanted to be calm. There were scary aspects, so I decided to go with striking but he put a lot of pressure on me and I wasn't able to attack him.
Pride: What advice did Tamura give you?
Ookubo: Mainly about stand-up striking. I also got advice about grappling. I was on the bottom a lot but I knew that Murata wanted to fight standing. I was surprised because Murata was true to his word.
Pride: Did Tamura say anything to you after the fight?
Ookubo: He said I did well. I was happy to hear that.
Pride: I think you must have been under a lot of pressure.
Ookubo: Yes. I didn't feel any pressure when I was told who I would be fighting but I began to feel it as the days went by and at the press conference. Murata had nothing to lose. I don't know how the fans saw it but I'm glad that, in the end, I was able to win without worrying about the content of the fight.
Pride: Are you happy that you submitted a judo fighter with an arm-bar?
Ookubo: I didn't know what kind of fighter Murata is or how he would come out. I certainly didn't think that I would win by arm-bar. I wasn't sure if I should let go there but I knew I would regret it if I let that chance go by. Honestly, I'm happy that I won.

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel now that you've finished your first MMA fight?
R yuichi Murata
I don't have enough experience.
Pride: You were pressuring him for a while. Did you get confused?
Murata: Not particularly.
Pride: What was your plan?
Murata: I was fine until after the throws. I just wasn't able to submit him.
Pride: How did it feel getting hit?
Murata: The strikes weren't special.
Pride: Does your arm hurt?
Murata: It hurts but it will be fine.
Pride: Have you spoken to Yoshida since the fight?
Murata: No, not really.
Pride: How about before the fight?
Murata: He told me to have fun.
Pride: Did you feel something special about a team vs. team match?
Murata: It's a battle between individuals.
Pride: How much do you think you achieved of what you wanted to do?
Murata: I don't think I was able to show much at all.