Ikuhisa Minowa

Pride Fighting Championships: That was an amazing submission.
Ikuhisa Minowa: The hot wind was really blowing this time. I'm in heaven right now. I think the fans and my friends feel the same, too. I want to spend the summer this way and I want everyone else to, too. Summer only comes once a year so I want everyone to spend the Japanese summer even hotter.
Pride: Are you satisfied?
Minowa: Yes. I'm going to seek out extreme fights from now on. I put a lot of focus on winning since this is my hometown.
Pride: Do you have a preference for leg submissions?
Minowa: I just took his leg because it was in front of me when I got on top. That's all.
Pride: What about the body weight difference? Kimo was on top of you for a while.
Minowa: He was heavy but I wasn't worried about it. If you remember escapes for when there's a weight difference, it's not a problem.
Pride: Why did you make your entrance in a tank top?
Minowa: That was because I feel like I've gotten one step closer to being a real pro-wrestler.
Pride: I thought it might be because it's summer.
Minowa: Well, it is summer but after thinking about the last fight, I wanted to win before I wore the Japanese flag.
Pride: What was the meaning of having the crowd cheer 10 times in 2 directions?
Minowa: I don't know. I thought I did it about 8 times. I did it 10 times?
Pride: Since this is your hometown, did your family or friends attend the event?
Minowa: I don't know if you would call it a repayment of a debt to those guys or a sharing of friendship power.
Pride: How does it feel to have beaten Kimo, the pro-wrestler killer?
Minowa: I remember that Bigalo lost to Kimo. I will beat whoever is called a pro-wrestler killer.