Denis Kang & Andrei Semenov

Pride Fighting Championships: Your face is cut. Do you have any other damage?
Denis Kang: The cut on my face is nothing big but I broke my right hand early in the fight.
Pride: Did you break it when you went down in the beginning?
Kang: I think it was probably then. After I punched, I thought that I might have broken it. I've lost like that before and I didn't want to lose this time so I just worked through it. I would just punch him with my broken hand.
Pride: Where did it break?
Kang: It's a bone in the back of my hand.
Pride: When did you break you hand before?
Kang: It was about 3 years before, in a fight in Canada.
Pride: Was it the same place?
Kang: It was my right hand but it was a different finger.
Pride: What are you doing in Korea now?
Kang: Spiritual MC is managing me. I'm doing entertainment and TV commercials, in addition to martial arts.
Pride: Please say something to your Korean fans.
Kang: I would like to give this win to the Korean fans.

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of the fight?
Andrei Semenov: I wasn't able to do what I wanted this time. I don't think I lost. I think Denis Kang showed what he is good at.
Pride: Your right eye is bruised. Is it injured?
Semenov: It doesn't hurt.
Pride: You taped your right knee. Is it injured?
Semenov: I didn't injure it. It's just for support.
Pride: You lost your balance in the beginning. How did it feel when you regained it?
Semenov: I waited too long in the beginning and that's why it turned out like it did. His punches were strong but I didn't get hurt. Mentally, I wanted to win, so I wanted to come back.
Pride: Did you want a stand-up battle?
Semenov: I didn't care if it was standing or on the ground this time. I wanted to win with strikes but I wasn't able to do what I planned.
Pride: Did Fedor give you any advice?
Semenov: Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any this time. Fedor was busy with his own preparations.