Joachim Hansen & Masakazu Imanari

Pride Fighting Championships: That was an amazing KO.
Joachim Hansen: I thought my leg might break from the leg-lock he had me in before that, though.
Pride: Is your right knee okay?
Hansen: It hurts a little. It will probably hurt a little more tomorrow.
Pride: Imanari has some tricky movements.
Hansen: He's really good at leg-locks so I expected he would difficult to fight.
Pride: Have you fought anyone before that intentionally throw themselves to the ground?
Hansen: I've never fought anyone that falls down on purpose. The leg-lock was great, similar to Rumina Sato's.
Pride: During the fight, did you think that you would be able to finish him with the knee?
Hansen: My trainer is a thai boxer so I've been practicing knee kicks for a long time.
Pride: Do you have anything to say now that you've fought in BUSHIDO for the first time?
Hansen: I was completely concentrated on this fight, so I haven't thought about what will happen next. I want to take my time to think about it after I go back to Norway.
Pride: How did it feel fighting in PRIDE for the first time?
Hansen: I was nervous before the fight but I feel better now that it's over.

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel about the fight?
Masakazu Imanari: I'm not sure. I don't remember much.
Pride: You don't remember anything about the fight?
Imanari: Nothing.
Pride: You had him on the run at one point.
Imanari: I don't remember.
Pride: What was your strategy before the fight?
Imanari: I didn't have a strategy.
Pride: Just fighting as usual?
Imanari: Yes.
Pride: How did it feel to fight in a big event?
Imanari: Nothing special. It's my 2nd time.
Pride: Did you hear the results after the fight was over?
Imanari: I heard in the ring.
Pride: How did you feel when you heard the results in the ring?
Imanari: My lights went completely out so I had no idea. I could see the clock and I thought it was a quick loss.
Pride: What now?
Imanari: I will train.