Takanori Gomi & Jean Silva

Pride Fighting Championships: You looked unusually tired this time.
Takanori Gomi: This is my last single fight before the important Grand Prix. After BUSHIDO's re-start, I had some good wins and I started to get lazy. Anyway, this was good medicine for me.
Pride: On a scale of 1-100, how do you feel about the contents of this fight?
Gomi: 50.
Pride: What was wrong with it?
Gomi: Chances that I didn't take advantage of and my conditioning training since the last fight. I'm going to improve my gym for the Grand Prix. I think it's important for a pro to put himself in the right environment.
Pride: Was your strategy to attack right from the beginning?
Gomi: He was hungry. I could see his kicks coming but I couldn't deal with them, well. Some things I tried for too hard, too.
Pride: Jean Silva said that he was able to punch and kick just as he thought he could.
Gomi: He had some good punches that hit me. I could feel that he's a young fighter with nothing to lose.
Pride: This was the first time for you to go to the 2nd round in BUSHIDO. Did that worry you?
Gomi: I wasn't able to give the fans all that they expected but it was a good experience for me. I've got a lot to think about before the Grand Prix.
Pride: Was it a good thing that you had this fight before the Grand Prix?
Gomi: It's hard to stay motivated when you win seven in a row. I could feel impatience in other fighters this time. I fought with the belief that, in the end, winning means something.
Pride: What is your plan for the Grand Prix?
Gomi: To concentrate on training. I'm going to go with "simple is best". I don't want to have any regrets in the end. I could feel that Silva's heart, not just his body, was strong. He never lost heart and that was amazing. It's the same with me, though.
Pride: Anything that you noticed about Joachim Hansen?
Gomi: He wins in unique ways. He also has excellent balance.

Pride Fighting Championships: How do you feel about the fight?
Jean Silva : It was a good fight. I knew that Gomi is tough. I think that I made a mistake in the first round; being on the bottom, and that affected the fight. I should have attacked with striking more in the 2nd round but I didn't have enough time. I think if I'd had another round and had attacked with strikes, I would have won.
Pride: You were in trouble at the final bell.
Silva: I knew Gomi had me in a submission but it wasn't on well enough for me to tap. There was only 10 seconds remaining so I decided to just tough it out.
Pride: Do you think your techniques were effective?
Silva: I think I had the lead in striking. I think I will able to use striking whenever, and however, I wanted.
Pride: Will Gomi vs. Chute Boxe fights continue? Or will this be the last one?
Fujimar: We will continue for as long as we can. We want Gomi to fight Chute Boxe's good fighters. We want them to get revenge for Jean Silva and Luis Azeredo. I also want them to continue because I know that the fans enjoy Chute Boxe vs. Gomi match ups.
Pride: There's a chance that Gomi and Chute Boxe will meet on September 25th. Which fighter will you send?
Fujimar: I will decide after we return to Brazil and discuss it together.