Marcus Aurelio & Jyutaro Nakao

Pride Fighting Championships: You had a tough fight.
Marcus Aurelio: There are no easy fights in PRIDE. Nakao is a really tough fighter, so I think the fans had a good time.
Pride: You were cut during the fight. Are you okay?
Aurelio: I did get cut but it didn't affect the fight. It hurt a little but I was concentrating on grounding and pounding him.
Pride: There were several doctor checks. Were you worried that the fight would be stopped?
Aurelio: I was worried. My nose was broken but I didn't want them to stop the fight so I told the doctor not to stop the fight.
Pride: Why did you tape your left arm?
Aurelio: I started out punching standing up. Later I broke it when I was punching on the ground.
Pride: Which round?
Aurelio: The first round.
Pride: Nakao said there was a power difference. Could you feel it?
Aurelio: I didn't feel it. He was strong but I think I'm stronger because I was able to take him down.

Pride Fighting Championships: Looking back on your fight, what do you think?
Jyutaro Nakao: I'm sorry. I wasn't able to do very much.
Pride: Was he stronger that you expected?
Nakao: He's bigger than I expected. His power in the end was really strong. I lost in the end.
Pride: How did it feel when you punched him and he started bleeding?
Nakao: I could tell that he felt it a little but it didn't knock him down. I was out of gas and I couldn't go after him like I should have. Each individual aspect of his grappling was good. I've been fighting Japanese fighters and I thought I was stronger but he was better at fine movements and little by little, he chipped away my stamina. Most of my losses have been from being on the bottom and my opponent chopping away at my stamina.
Pride: Do you think his was watching out for your triangle choke?
Nakao: He was sweating and slippery so it didn't feel like I would be able to get it. I almost got mount twice but got caught in the ropes and they tired me. I wanted to leave an impact in my first fight here. I'll do my best to make them ask me to fight again.