Daniel Acacio & Kazuo Misaki

Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think of the fight?
Daniel Acacio: First, I'd like to say thank you. It was a difficult fight but I think it went well. I'd like to fight Chonan next.
Pride: Why do you want to fight Chonan?
Acacio: Everyone says that Chonan is the toughest at this rank so I'd like to fight him.
Pride: You stood a lot today. What did you think of his striking?
Acacio: I heard from the beginning that he is good at striking but I think I proved that our stand up skills are great, too.
Pride: Would you like to fight Chonan at the Sept. 25th Grand Prix, if you can?
Acacio: If possible, I'd like to fight him at the Grand Prix. I'd want to fight and give everything I have. I want to take out Nino's enemy.
Pride: Did Wanderlei Silva give you any advice?
Acacio: Silva told me to go in striking, to fight like a man and give everything I have. I think my fight went just like that.

Pride Fighting Championships: How was the fight?
Kazuo Misaki: Acacio was an exciting brawler, just as I thought.
Pride: Was your strategy to strike with him?
Misaki: Yes. I was planning on going in striking. I don't like to make excuses but I wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to do my bet. I'd like to fight him again when we are both in our best condition.
Pride: You weren't feeling well because of an injury?
Misaki: An injury and I just caught a cold. It's embarrassing to ask like this but I'd like to fight him again in perfect condition, if I can get another chance.
Pride: Even from the beginning, you weren't going to grapple?
Misaki: Not exactly but if possible, I wanted to strike, which I like. If I had the chance, I was going to take it to the ground but my body didn't do what my mind wanted it to.
Pride: How was Acacio's striking?
Misaki: He's an extremely good fighter so I wanted to trade strikes with him. He was a brawler, just like I expected, and he was definitely a fighter worth fighting.
Pride: So, your near-term goal is a rematch with Acacio?
Misaki: Yes. I hope they put it together as soon as possible. Once I get my conditioning in order and am in my best condition, I want to get back in the ring.
Pride: Any damage after the fight?
Misaki: Some light damage but nothing big.